BOSS GT-10B Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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About this product

For bass players who enjoy the flexibility and core muscle the BOSS GT-10 multi-effects pedal offers, BOSS introduces its sibling, the GT-10B.

Optimised for the low-frequency domain, the GT-10B stands out as BOSS' most advanced bass station yet, all the while remaining incredibly accessible for bass players of all levels of experience.

Thanks to BOSS' latest DSP engine and their state of the art COSM technology in sound-modelling, the GT-10B boasts some of the most creative and essential features for the bass guitar.

The GT-10B, equipped with XLR outputs as well as _ inch jacks, also offers musicians a USB capability, allowing for audio and MIDI-streaming in real time.

The richness and warmth found in organic bass tones are not sacrificed with the GT-10B, with the station perfectly able to enhance musicianship and offer its user the avenues to explore different effects and sounds.

  • Effects Type: Bass Effects
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