BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Effects Pedal

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About this product

Remember the beloved Roland RE-201 Space Echo? Well, the rebirth of a classic is here, as BOSS introduces the RE-20 Space Echo Effects Pedal.

Taking every detail and nuance of the well-used original, BOSS perfectly simulates the Roland RE-201 with the spacious, analog tone delivered flawlessly.

BOSS' COSM technology is of course, the foundation of the new RE-20 model, while remaining faithful to the modeling of elements of the RE-201, particularly its tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation.

The build of the RE-20 makes this a pedal boasting authenticity and durability; it is tough and ready for life on the road while weighing much less than the original.

A simple-to-use interface doesn't take anything away from the high-quality, retro sounds that the RE-20 produces; that trademark essence the RE-201 so popularly produced is matched with the RE-20 and is more than ready to bring the vintage into the new generation.

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