BOSS RV-5 Digital Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

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About this product

Housing six of BOSS' best reverbs in a compact, stereo effects pedal, the all new RV-5 Digital Reverb pedal for guitar is a first of its kind.

The RV-5's six reverb modes remain on par with rack mount processors, while new reverbs include Spring and Gate; offering realistic spring reverb sounds and gate reverb derived from some of Roland's high end gear.

Providing its user with spacious and ambient tones without sacrificing depth and richness in the music's output, the versatility of the RV-5 is remarkable. The in and out features of the pedal also makes the RV-5 a perfect piece of gear for guitarists who are regular users of dual-amp combinations and configurations.

The compact size of the RV-5 makes this another BOSS product that works alongside plenty of other pedals on your board while remaining of that professional quality many popular touring artists are synonymous with today.

  • Effects Type: Reverb