BOSS TU-1000 Stage Tuner

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About this product

The flagship item of the popular BOSS TU series is the all new BOSS TU-1000 Stage Tuner.

A special Flat Tuning mode is a feature of the TU-1000 that will speak to guitarists who drop tune, lowering the pitch one or more semitones below the note shown in the display.

The TU-1000 is well equipped to handle open tunings and other alternate tunings alongside drop tunings, while the output signal is automatically muted upon power up, allowing the guitarist to tune without outputting any sound at all.

The level of connectivity options the TU-1000 boasts is impressive; the input jack also acts as a power switch, while the output jack can connect to effects processors, guitar amps or any other such device. Connect an external footswitch and use the

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