Epiphone EB-O 4-String Bass Guitar Player Pack, Cherry

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About this product

EB-0 Bass Guitar Player Pack: Lean and mean! That's how best to describe this classic SG bass from Epiphone. Originally introduced by Gibson is 1959, it remains the choice of beginners and professionals everywhere.

? Classic SG-Shape: Since its introduction in 1960, this two-horned monster has graced the hands of some of the greatest guitarists of all time. Its double-cutaway body offers unequaled upper fret access while it's light-weight, contoured shape makes it easy to play. Night after night? gig after gig.

? Angled Headstock: Unlike cheaper designs, all Epiphone's feature a 14-degree headstock that gives you more pressure at the nut and so you get more sustain with less tuning hang-ups caused by ?string-tree? gadgets.

? Upgraded Controls: All Epiphone's feature traditional large diameter potentiometers for smoother range and longer life.

? Upgraded Switches: All Epiphones feature our all-metal, USA designed switches for reliable contact and longer life.

? Rosewood Fingerboards: All Epiphone player packs feature guitars and basses with Rosewood fingerboards for smoother feel and longer life. Plus, dirt and grunge doesn't show like on cheaper maple fingerboards.

? Short-Scale Neck: With a 30? scale-length neck (4? shorter neck than standard scale), the EB-0 is the perfect bass for young rockers. Plus, its narrow 1.5? nut makes it the easiest bass to play.

? SideWinder Bass Humbucking Pickup: Smooth and powerful, this ?no-noise? humbucking pickup out performs all others. Why settle for the ?hum? of a single-coil pickup when you can turn this ?bucker up to full volume and experience the sound of just your guitar.

? Three-Point Adjustable Bridge: Up, down, front, back? anyway you want it! For over 50 years this original Gibson design has allowed bassists to adjust each string individually and precisely for accurate intonation and personalized action.

? Precision Machine Heads: All Epiphone guitars and basses feature premium, precision tuners for ease of use, excellent tuning stability and long life.

? Everything You Need: All Epiphone Player Packs feature everything you need to get you started including?

Deluxe Gigbag

Chromatic Tuner



Instructional DVD


Studio Bass 10S Amplifier:

? Unique ?KickStand? Design: Slightly thinner and more compact, our Studio-10S offers our unique kick-stand design allowing you to direct the sound right where you want.

? 3-Band EQ Controls: With low, mid and high equalization, you can fine tune your sound just as you like it.

? Presence Control: Think of this as your ?get it just right? control allowing you to reduce unwanted feedback while adding a little more/less treble.

? Headphone Output: Plus in a set of headphones and you can practice or play by yourself without disturbing the old folks. Good for you AND them!

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