Marshall AS100D 100W Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier

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About this product

Built with flexibility in mind, the four-channel Marshall AS100D Acoustic Combo Amp is a 100-watt beast just waiting to take a musicians chosen sound to the next level. Suitable for use with a great variety of acoustic instruments, whether or not they have pickups, this powerful amp does it all. The range in channels allows the amp to handle piezo transducers or magnetic pickups, a mic for vocals and instruments, and external audio equipment via its phono input channel. You name it, this amp can express the sound with great ease. This is also largely credited to its sheer strength, with 2x50W stereo power to help musicians lift their sound with plenty of punch, balanced with a line out which allows direct connection to a PA. The amp comes with built-in digital reverb, delay and chorus that helps thicken sound and add layers to it. Even better is the inclusion of a balanced parallel effects loop with level, anti-feedback controls including a phase switch, and notch filters for each channel with selectable extra notch depth for channels 1 and 2. This allows for a versatility which is almost unbelievable, offering musicians all they need to take their performance to the next level.

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