DiMarzio DP174BK Red Velvet Singlecoil Guitar Pickup, Black

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About this product

Suitable for all positions, DiMarzio's Red Velvet is a Singlecoil pickup that brings musicians to best of both worlds, balancing the strengths of a vintage Strat bridge with that of a classic Broadcaster Tele. Traditionally, both strengths have been kept separated; the Tele tones is usually that of attack and definition, while the Strat strings and screams. DiMarzio has combined the characteristics into one solid profile, presenting musicians with a range where the punch comes from the bottom-loaded Power Plate and the sting comes from custom coil-winding and the True Velvet magnet stagger. There's even plenty of grit and growl in the mid-range, largely credited to the pickups hand-calibrated magnet structure. Intelligent design has found a way to boost the magnetic field without pushing up any magnet-pull, a feat well worth celebrating and one which makes the Red Velvet incredibly unique. This is best used in the bridge position although it works just as well in the neck and middle, especially when combined with a bridge humbucker like the Air Classic.

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