DiMarzio DP257BK Illuminator Bridge Humbucker Guitar Pickup, Black

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About this product

DiMarzio has designed the new Illuminator Bridge humbucker for John Petrucci's Music Man JP13 guitar, offered along with the bridge model to complement John's demands for a versatility that allows the legendary musician to cover a multitude of different sounds with just one guitar.

This requires everything from massive overdrive that's tight, rhythmical and aggressive, to sounds which are more expressive and complex, mostly for solo work. The result is a pickup that's bold and exceptionally clear, boasting the presence necessary to take John's sound to the next level.

John used the new Illuminator and Illuminator 7 pickups during the recording of Dream Theater's self-titled album in 2003, filling his desire for both neck and bridge pickups that occupy separate musical speakers, remaining completely individual and yet harmonious in the way they work together.

The bridge model increases the midrange punch, remaining strong and vital while the highs are bumped up even more, providing incredible muscle when compared to the tight and smooth lows. The sound jumps from the speakers when the strings are picked hard, and the low strings don't get blurry with an overdriven amp.

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