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Producing a classic AC-inspired British combo-amp tone into a new and sleek compact pedal, the all new BOSS BC-2 Combo Drive effects pedal is here.

With a wide range of tones at your fingertips by the use of a single knob, instantly control sound-character parameters and tap into a full bodied spectrum of tone with ease.

Achieving classic vintage sounds is easy with the BC-2, with the pedal offering a natural and dynamic response to picking nuances in any setting.

Move from the authentic vintage into the expanded new-generation with the BC-2; achieve a wider frequency range than a classic amp could reach on its own.

The BC-2 may seem technically complex and daunting, yet the BOSS design has kept the pedal incredibly easy to use and accessible to players of all experience levels.

  • Effects Type: Overdrive
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BOSS BC-2 Combo Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

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