DiMarzio DP-145BK Will Power Neck Bass Pickup, Black

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About this product

Certain enhancements have been made to make vast improvements to the original DiMarzio Model P and Model One bass pickups, designed to meet the high-powered demands of legendary guitarist Billy Sheehan and his versatile style. The result is the Will Power neck model, an incredibly pickup that features very deep-sounding lows while retaining greater volume and thickness when compared to the Model One.

The police piece spacing has been increased ever so slightly, widened for a position which proves invaluable to string alignment on long-scale basses, helping to provide tremendous punch and mid-range power as well as maximum high-end response. The overall sound is similar to that of the Model P, but a broader magnetic field means there is much more impact when it comes to individual notes and harmonic overtones.

For even brighter and cleaner sound, try switching the coils from series to parallel: the volume drops a bit, but the midrange really opens up and acquires a more acoustic quality.

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